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Thursday January 24th @ 7:30pm

Are you interested in learning more about the ketogenic lifestyle? Are you curious and have no idea how to start? We are offering a FREE information night where you can ask questions & taste some amazing low carb, sugar free products that we carry. 

Join Nancy & Barb as they share how they have experienced the keto lifestyle and the benefits that come from it. One of the biggest issues with adapting to this high fat 'diet' is changing over from what you are used to eating now. Nancy & Barb will shed light on this barrier so that will be an easier transition to this amazing lifestyle.
We are also going to discuss sugar free and some great tips for making some amazing desserts!

Sample some amazing KETO products available at the store ~ including some awesome desserts!


This information night is FREE - AND YOU HAVE TO REGISTER via email ( or phone 519-271-0388


Insomnia's Guide to Sleeping Like a Champ

Wednesday February 6th @ 7:30pm

We are excited to announce a guest speaker for this information session.

Dr. Keila Roesner, Naturopathic Doctor will be sharing some great tips for getting a good night sleep. Chronic lack of sleep can be associated with depression, weight gain, lower testosterone & sex drive and even cause mood swings along with many more symptoms.

Without sleep, your entire body is out of balance.

Find out how you can ‘sleep like a champ’ to assist your body in the rejuvenation that takes place while you are sleeping!


This information night is FREE - AND YOU HAVE TO REGISTER via email ( or phone 519-271-0388


Please note: if you register and are unable to make it, please let us know so that we can make your spot available to someone on our waiting list!