Meet the Staff

Eric and Marsha Eberhardt helped establish The Gentle Rain in 1979. The business grew quickly and moved to a larger space at 30 Rebecca Street in 1989. A few renovations and additions later, we are still growing. This year we celebrate 36 years in business!!!


In July 2010, Eric passed away. He will always be remembered by customers and staff for all of his accomplishments with the store and in the community.


In July 2014, Marsha made the decision to retire, selling the store to Brendan Davidson.

In July 2014, Brendan Davidson purchased the Gentle Rain from Marsha. Brendan grew up in his mothers health food store in Guelph (The Stone Store) and acquired Green Valley Health & Herbs in Elmira, ON in 2005.


We happily support local farms and businesses and promote environmentally friendly products and utilities.

MICHELLE has been employed at the Gentle Rain since 1996. She was interviewed by Eric in the parking lot for a cashier position. Long term health nut and environmental enthusiast, Michelle has transitioned from cashier to General Manager along with day to day management of the store and ensuring high levels of customer service. Michelle is currently working towards her Bookkeeper Designation.
SARA is the Supplement Manager and has been with the store for over 15 years. She is our resident supplement nerd and is constantly reading and taking trainings to keep up to date with new products as well as new research.

LIZ has many years experience in the food industry. She is our Grocery Manager, keeping everything in order in the grocery department.

NOEL takes care of our produce area. He monitors the quality of the fresh food that is received to make sure we have the best for our customers. In his spare time, he is a jewelry designer. Feel free to contact Noel or Jan for a custom made necklace or bracelet.
JAN has had many years of experience in all areas of the store. She is our Accounts Payable and is the purchaser for the herbs & spices.
ANITA has been passionate about Health & Nutrition for over 35 years. Around here, she is known as the 'Bread Lady', ordering our bread as well as books (and a few other bits). Anita helps out in the supplement room and is very knowledgable to help customers when they are dealing with food restrictions.

ADRIENNE is in the produce & supplement departments. You will also find her smiling face throughout the store.

LAILA is enjoying some cash shifts and filling in where needed.
HEATHER is our awesome bulk purchaser and loves to keep the bulk area well organized. She is great at lugging all the heavy bins back to keep them filled for you. She is our go-to artist for the beautiful informative signs you'll find in the store.
NANCY is a Certified Raw Nutritionist (CRN) and Quantum Light Coach. She is also the author of ‘The Choice is YOURS,’ a book on raising your vibration through nutrition and energy techniques. Nancy is the store’s advertising go-to person; takes care of the website, facebook page, & twitter; and is also one of our purchasers for the store and passionate about sharing knowledge with others - with FREE info sessions for Gentle Rain. If you want to check out her personal webpage, check out
DEBI is our main grocery purchaser. Looking for something you don't see on the shelves (grocery area)? Get a message to Debi and she will do what she can to find it for you.
ALICIA works in the supplement room area. She is a wealth of information and has a background in Nutrition.
BARB is one of our grocery purchasers, receiver and organizer of the produce when it arrives too. Having a passion for the health industry, Barb continues to gain knowledge to educate herself about natural products. Barb is also part of the FREE Info Sessions available at the Gentle Rain.
CATHERINE is one of the supplement room purchasers. She has worked for a number of years at the Stone Store in Guelph and brings with her a wealth of information to share.
CALLIE is one of our students. We are blessed to have her on cash, stocking, and in the produce department.
HEATHER (lovingly known as 'Fletch' since we now have 2 Heathers) is a dream to work with. She has taken on the blackboard and does a fantastic job at it. She has the greatest customer service and greets everyone with her beautiful smile. You will find Fletch in most departments ~ loving all that she does.
BECCA is a welcomed 'part-time' employee. She is going to University to be a Teacher and will make a wonderful one. In the meantime, when she is home on a break, we are blessed to have her helping us out where needed.