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Meet Your Local Farmers & Suppliers

Gordon's Goats

Gordon's Goats - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  

Gordon's Goats began producing cheese early in the winter of 2003. There was a surplus of milk in the dairy and every goat milk producer had to dump a percentage of their milk. Not able to rationalize wasting good milk, they got the idea to make cheese, butter and ice-cream; so began the search for cheese-making recipes.

Gordon began with using a recipe found online and started experimenting with cheese, and now we have a tempting array of cheeses to choose from.

Kingwood Farms

Kingwood Farms - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  

Owned and operated by Mike and Debbie Loepp in Wellesley ON,  who supply us with organic spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and corn.

More information coming soon.

Mazak Farms

Mazak Farms - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  

Our organic asparagus is from Mazak Farms. They are a family owned and operated (for 38 years),  and are a fully certified organic farm. Their organic asparagus is picked daily, from May until mid June. 

For more information on Mazak Farms, check out their website at:

Passmore Farms

Passmore Farms - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  
Passmore Farms is located near St. Mary's, Ontario. Bob and Carol Passmore take great care and pride in producing only the highest quality beef and pork with exceptional attention to humane and environmentally sustainable practices. Bob`s unique artisan-like farm setup is a small scale operation, drastically differing from the industrialized conventional farming practices of today. Bob takes great care in carefully growing and formulating the feed required for his small herd.
You will find Passmore Farms meat in the freezer section. 


Pfennings - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  

Pfenning's Organic Farm is a grower/packer/shipper of certified organic produce. More than just a farm, theirs is a "Quality of Life" business that takes a holistic approach to sustainability, and they live the organic concepts in their daily lives and business practices.

The farm is a peaceful setting nestled in a curve of the Nith River just outside Baden, Ontario. Pfenning’s thinks "local first" and focuses on family and community building. From that starting point, they develop market relationships where mutual respect is the foundation.

Gentle Rain gets an order from Pfenning’s twice a week – Mondays & Fridays to keep our stock as fresh as we can get it.

For more information on Pfenning’s, check out their website at:

Sheldon Berries

Sheldon Berries - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  
Inspired by a Sunday drive and months of research and planning, Ray and Peggy Sheldon purchased a bare 50-acre farm, planted their first high bush blueberries and the rest is history! 25 acres of fruit and veggies include strawberries, rhubarb (all season), blueberries, summer and fall raspberries, gourds and pumpkins. With the addition of high tunnels, their fall raspberry season extends into early November.
You will find blueberries and raspberries in the freezer as well as in the produce area when they are available.
For more information about Sheldon Berries, check out their website: 

Weth Mushrooms

Weth Mushrooms - The Gentle Rain - Stratford Health Food Store  
Established in 2000, Weth Mushrooms is located in Goderich ON. Susan and Ryan Weth produce our certified organic shitake, maitake and other mushrooms.
You will find a variety of different mushrooms in our produce section, depending on season and availability.